MacUílín CLG Senior Hurling Panel Fundraiser 2017 – ‘Lucky Lotto Ball’

The Senior Hurling Panel is raising funds by holding a ‘Lucky Lotto Ball’ event each week.

Entry is £10 and the winner stands to win £500 with the first round taking place on Saturday 3 June.

To enter contact any member of the senior hurling panel or management. You can also get in touch via the McQuillan GAC Facebook page.

The rules are explained in full below:


1. Pay your entry fee £10 before 9pm on 2 June 2017.

2. Simply pick six numbers from the National Lottery main Lotto draw numbers 1-59.

3. These numbers will be checked against the main National Lottery Lotto draw every Saturday night and as your numbers come up they will be crossed off.

4. LUCKY LOTTO BALL continues until one person has crossed off all their numbers.

5. In the event of a draw the prize fund will be equally distributed.

Note: Prize fund £500 with a minimum of 100 people entering. If less than 100 people enter the prize fund will be reduced to 50% of the takings.

Stay up to date by clicking ‘Going’ on the Lucky Lotto Ball Facebook event.

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Author: McQuillan GAC

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