Report: McMullan Cup Preliminary Round – Oisins 1-05 MacUílín 6-14


With Glenariffe failing to field in the league against MacUilin it was hard to know how this match would pan out. Glenariffe took an early lead 1-1 however goal from Ben McQuillan and Oran Kearney and 1-2 from Conor Boyd at a point for Tiernan Kelly gave Ballycastle a 3-3 to 1-04 lead at halftime.

The second half seen Ballycastle take a comfortable lead with Oisins only scoring one point in the second half. Second goals for Conor Boyd and Ben McQuillan and a Ciaran McKeague goal along with points from Oran Kearney 0-2, Conor Boyd 0-4, Ben McQuillan 0-1, Lorcan Donnelly 0-1, Ryan Hill 0-1 and Tiernan Kelly 0-1 seen of this round with a 6-14 to 1-05 win to the town.

Scores: Conor Boyd 2-06 Oran Kearney 1-2 Ben McQuillan 2-1 Tiernan Kelly 0-2 Ciaran McKeague 1-01 Ryan Hill 0-1 Lorcan Donnelly 0-01

Lorcan Donnelly for Gary Maybin
Dylan Hill for Tiernan Kelly

1. Dylan McMullan
2. Tiernan Donnelly
3. Oisin McAuley
4. Frank McAlonan
5. Oran Colgan
6. Conal Colgan
7. Column Butler
8. Ryan Hill
9. Ben McQuillan
10. Ciaran McKeague
11. Gary Maybin
12. Conor Boyd
13. Conaire Butler
14. Tiernan Kelly
15. Oran Kearney
16. Tom McCollum
17. Lorcan Donnelly
18. Dylan Hill

Author: McQuillan GAC

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